Hourglass Lash and Skin Spa

With being on set often, I am always having to add that extra little bit of makeup since the bright lights blow out the colors a bit… I really hate when I look like I have nothing on (in a bad way!) in the final edit because of the bright lights. For hosting the UK games, I often would either go without false lashes – and see pics and regret it – or I would ATTEMPT putting them on, only  to look super messy in the end. Thank goodness I finally met the girls at Hourglass! Now I get lash extensions every 2-3 weeks and LOVE THEM. I thought I would only love them for TV work, but I love them for everyday life because it makes me look more awake and on-top of my game, even days when I don’t wear makeup (which is about every day I’m not shooting!).

However, most professional modeling clients that are outside of the South really prefer the completely natural look. I was a bit worried about that since those shoots come up very last minute. Turns out, they can simply do really short and wispy lashes as well! They really just make my lashes look a tad thicker, without being too long and crazy. They simply show up better on TV, yet also look as if they are mine. Most makeup artists don’t even know I have them on and they love how they no longer have to do mascara on me at all! Their point of attachment at my real lash root is seamless. Bye-bye to the awful line that false strip lashes create.

However, I’m commonly asked if these lash extensions harm your natural lashes. I actually have always been told I have long dark lashes to begin with (many photographers have complained that I have too much eye makeup on when I have zero on at times….), so I was a bit nervous about them… Turns out, these aren’t damaging at all! I have gone quite a while between fill-ins and actually like all stages of when the lashes are sparse – and I can still see my natural lashes standing strong- as well as when they are freshly filled in and fluffy! And I know you will love them too for that extra little pop. If you decide to visit Hourglass for your natural lashes or for anti-aging skincare, let them know Maria sent you and those sweet ladies will take the best care of you!