Kentucky Branded

If you know me, you know I love Kentucky with all my heart! Even though modeling has brought me to live in places like Chicago and Miami, I always have had my heart tied to Kentucky as my permanent home. Therefore, I love to represent Kentucky in any way that I can, including wearing Kentucky shirts as I travel in the airports. My favorite was when I heard a good “Go Cats” shout out at the airport in Barcelona, Spain recently while wearing my KY shirt #BlueGetsIn ! So Kentucky Branded has always been my favorite shop for creative UK tees, hoodies and pull-overs. One photographer in Chicago even insisted on getting a shot of me on set in my “Kentucky Against All Y’all” sweatshirt that I wore to work a year ago. Also, Kentucky Branded has always been my go-to for gifts such as bourbon glasses, wine glasses, serving dishes, and more! They even have UK printed Dooney and Bourke purses, Bourbon and Bowtie bracelets, as well as adorable clear purses that make getting into Kroger Field a breeze. For those of you (crazies!) who aren’t UK fans, they also have the Simply Southern collection and Kentucky themed shirts. But some of my most favorite purchases have been the home décor (stay tuned to see pics of how we are decorating our fixer-upper with Kentucky décor found at Kentucky Branded). There is literally something for anyone, but you just may not find much red there…. and that’s totally ok with me :)

I am so excited now to be able to bring my love of Kentucky Branded to you at a discounted rate! You can use my code Maria for 20% off your purchase in store or online! 

See below for some of my favorite recent goodies they have for football and basketball season! There are also lots of things for non-sports fans. Kentucky branded has been my go-to for years for Christmas gifts because they have everything from coasters, to jewelry, to wall signs, to Tervis cups, to Kentucky Bourbon Trail goodies, and so much more!